This gallery features some of our custom work that is not featured in our regular listings. It includes engravings, custom builds, and property services like on-site epoxy pours and floor finishing. Our regular services are available in and around Warner Robins, GA and we can ship any custom cut or build if you are not local. We are also available for mail-in engraving orders.

We applied an acrylic coating to this 1911 from Rock Islands Armory and engraved into it.

An engrave on a 911, both the steel slide and the plastic grip.

An engrave on an LCP, both the metal slide and plastic grip.

A custom noodle board.

An engrave for our active duty servicemen.

An epoxy-pour over a preexisting laminate countertop.

An engrave on a tactical rifle.

An epoxy pour on an old concrete floor.

We removed the old carpet and refinished this floor for a client.

We refinished and engraved this tabletop for a good friend.

An engrave on a tile for the floor of one of our clients.

An engrave into the plastic grip of a Glock for a good friend.

A sample floral epoxy design mixture.

A live edge-river mantle.

This engraving we did for a client features his name and mountains on the stock of a Henry, filled with pearlescent gold epoxy to match the metal on the rifle.

A toddler bed frame we were asked to make based on a similar item our client saw and needed modified.

A custom, leather patch snapback.

A simple wood cut with the GA bulldog engraved on its face.

Custom cork snapbacks on display at one of our shows.

A hand-crafted custom tray, stained with our homemade stain, and laser-burned.

An engraving on a K-Bar for a member of our active-service military.

Laser marking on stainless steel.

A custom cork snapback produced for one of our clients. We can custom order these for you as well, and offer bulk pricing.

Laser marking on stainless steel.

A simple engraving on a bamboo cutting/charcuterie board done for one of our clients.

A custom, bamboo tumbler we no longer carry but can special order. It is laser-burned and treated for easy washability.

Sample of an epoxy pour over concrete for a local restaurant. This sample was tested under 3/4 tons of pressure, is scratch and heat-resistant, and features a glossy finish. Matte finishes are available.

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