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I am a hobbyist. I work full-time in ministry but love crafting things in my spare time, usually on the weekends in my garage. I use the money that I make crafting the things I do to support charitable projects for people who can't afford nice things.
Whether you are looking for a custom epoxy countertop, something small, or a large custom build, I am happy to serve you. Let's tack up your custom design, and I'll spend my day of rest crafting it for you like I love to do.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk pricing?

I offer both bulk and wholesale pricing. Simply contact me. If I can confirm your business and employment, you will receive my wholesale rate. Bulk pricing depends on the item and number ordered at one time.How do I care for your surfaces?Lightly applied alcohol-based cleaners work best on my epoxy, acrylic, and urethane surfaces.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. Contact me directly to place a custom order. You will be involved in the preparation as well as informed about each step of the process. Since custom orders usually have unforeseen challenges, shipping estimates may be wrong, but I will always work diligently on your project. You can expect to have to approve a picture of your project before I send it. Custom projects also carry the same shipping insurance so that you can file a claim if your item arrives damaged.

Do you offer lower prices on your items?

If you would like lower prices on my items, please contact me directly. I can lower your price by using lesser-quality materials. If you choose this economy option, I do not accept returns, and the items may not be reviewed. 

Do you offer special pricing for contractors/interior designers/property managers?

Yes. I offer the same wholesale pricing for contractors, interior designers, and property managers who manage multiple properties full-time. Simply contact me. If I can confirm your business and employment, you will receive my contractor rate, and I will keep your information on file.

Are you available to deliver and install?

Yes. I am available for deliveries and installations in and around Warner Robins, GA. In some cases, I will deliver elsewhere depending on my schedule and interest.

Are your epoxy surfaces durable?

Yes. My epoxy surfaces are scratch and heat resistant. I have tested them under 3/4-tons of pressure; that's 1,500 lbs sitting on top of the surface without causing it to crack or sag. These surfaces are perfect for countertops and floors, and I may be available to pour on site depending on your location. Epoxy surfaces are always available with extra treatment to prepare them for outdoor use and/or give them a matte look instead of the gloss that is naturally produced by epoxy.

What makes your epoxy pours different from others?

I don't just pour epoxy and send it. In March 2023, I instituted a new process for all my epoxy pours that includes a special treatment of the epoxy after it is poured that removes epoxy's natural tackiness and produces a smooth surface. As a result, it is more smudge resistant and easier to keep clean. It also provides a range of finishing options--including matte, satin, and gloss looks. Of course, if you want the classic reflective look, please request it.

What if I don't like what I receive?

When doing custom work, there is always the possibility that you'll receive what you order and it won't be quite what you expected. I offer both returns and exchanges on all my crafts (even personalized ones). But, more importantly, I offer to work hard to get you something you like. If I craft a custom order for you, and you don't like what you receive, Just contact me. Even if it is exactly what you ordered, I will recraft something you love.*limitations apply
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